Prenatal Yoga is an excellent way to find the balance needed to face the physical and emotional changes that arise during this special time in a woman’s life.
A regular practice will help you strengthen, energize and relax and connect with your baby from the belly.
It will also help you to reduce anxiety, gain flexibility, prevent and alleviate common symptoms, incorporate healthy habits and get ready for labor through adapted body postures (asanas), specific breathing expansion techniques (pranayama), sound and meditation.

What people say about my classes:

As the time of my pregnancy was getting emotionally and physically more and more challenging, Josefina’s yoga lesson became the indispensable ’island of peace’ during my week. She provided the much needed time and techniques to connect with my body and the baby. Though giving space to our various individual moods and needs, she managed to bring the class together in a calm and focused atmosphere. Josefina is very down to earth and makes yoga feel accessible to everyone – which is crucial, when your body is going through so much change! She leads you through the exercices with clarity, but leaves room for finding your own way into yoga. This truly turned out to be just what I needed to help me get ready for my second baby. Thank you, Josefina!” – Shpresa J.


I started the Prenatal Yoga classes with Josefina already in my 14th week of pregnancy. It was my first time doing Yoga at all. The classes helped me a lot focussing on my body, training and relaxing the parts that were important during the pregnancy and as a preparation for giving birth. As my belly got bigger they helped me managing backpain and tensions. I absouletly loved working with Josefina. She always asked if I had any health issues and adapted her classes if I struggled with any kind of problems. She is such a warmhearted person and a great Yoga teacher. I will definetly continue doing Yoga since I know now how good it is for my body and mind. Go sing up for her classes! Even though you feel healthy, Josefina’s classes will make you feel even better.” – Anja C.


Josefina is very competent. Her instructions are careful and precise. She has a good eye and knowledge of the body. Her classes are balanced, well prepared, designed to get the best result and have a holistic approach.
Before the Prenatal Yoga classes, she was in good general condition, but the stress was building up daily.
When I started attending her classes I experienced relief from back pain, greater general relaxation, more positive thoughts about birth and pregnancy, more freedom to move and the feeling that my body is still my body to move and use despite being pregnant. I am currently going through the last weeks of my pregnancy. I know that I can ease the pain if I give myself the time and space to step back and do it. My confidence in my own strength has increased.
I have been able to practice different movements and positions, as well as strengthen my thoughts about growing of life and giving birth. I feel that intuitively this will help me during birth as the positions are already familiar and you learn to listen to your body. Pregnant women should definitely try her classes.
– Judith E.


I am currently teaching Prenatal Yoga here:

GZ Hirzenbach – currently via Zoom

Mondays, 19:15 to 20:15

At GZ Hirzenbach, Helen-Keller-Strasse 55, 8051 Zürich

Bookings here!


Más Energy Center

Thursdays, 12:00 to 13:00

At Más Energy Center, Wattstrasse 3, 8050 Zürich

Bookings here!


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