Angelus is an experiential workbook using the chakras, yoga and art to guide your journey from pain to peace. An entirely groundbreaking way to access the chakras, it demystifies and illuminates your inner world, enabling you to manifest your highest self in the outer world.

Weaving stunning visual design, compelling storytelling, emotionally-connected yoga, and powerful creative exercises, this book makes the process of unveiling your truth both practical and inspiring. Designed for novice beginners to experienced teachers, Angelus is a wonderful gift for all. Erica Jago, award-winning co-author of Art of Attention and Roos van der Kamp, accomplished artist and art director, have used this pioneering formula on a personal level to get through some of the toughest times in their lives. After years of crafting dozens of successful chakra retreats, the signature methodology of using the chakras as tools for introspection and expression is now captured in Angelus for your at-home use. ISBN-13: 978-0986238116