Why self-care should be part of your daily routine

You can’t pour from an empty cup, goes the saying. To meet the needs of others, you have to invest in yourself first – daily. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it should be part of your daily life.

As working mothers, we juggle many balls in the air. Working non-stop all week and occasionally also on weekends does not necessarily help us to get things done faster or better. The price will be paid later, feeling exhausted or getting sick and, as a result, wasting much more time than we had hoped to save.

Given the ebbs and flows of our female cycles we can’t expect to function and perform the same way every day: while sometimes we are “in the zone” and can get things done efficiently, other days we feel the exact opposite. Accepting that sometimes we move forward and sometimes we get stuck is fundamental to find a balance. The truth is that most of the time we do the best we can.

Self-care should be part of your daily routine

Why do you have to put yourself first for a moment every day?

Because when we’re tired, angry or frustrated we’re much more likely to take it out on our children or partner or become resentful.

There are many things beyond our control. The only thing we have total control over is our mind and the way we react at any given moment. When faced with everyday challenges, we are always choosing to behave in one way or another. Reacting in a reflective manner is much easier when our nervous system is calm; and when we are able to create some distance from events, we can observe them less emotionally charged and act more rationally and objectively.

If we are not in harmony with our inner selves, we are not in harmony with the outside world either, so how about including a little daily ritual to make you feel cared for?

Here are some points to rethink your self-care:

1. Accountability:

You and only you are responsible for your wellbeing. Although letting yourself be cared for is nice and sometimes necessary (if you’re sick, for example) thinking of it this way empowers you because you are not dependent on something or someone else.

2. You are worth it:

No matter how much or how little you get done each day; you deserve time for yourself.

3. Quality over quantity:

Taking care of yourself with your full attention can take less than 15 minutes and be enough to face the day from a different place and gain a different perspective on things.

4. Be uncompromising:

That time you choose for yourself is non-negotiable. Act accordingly.

5. Keep it simple:

Do something that instantly makes you feel good. Prepare yourself a nice cup of tea, take a long shower and put on a beautiful cream, eat your favourite (if possible healthy) food.

Treat yourself as you would treat a friend in need: How would you behave then?

6. It’s not just pampering:

Self-care doesn’t have to be limited to manicures and face masks.

Giving yourself attention can also mean getting an appointment with your gynaecologist for your annual check-up, going to the chiropractor or booking a weekly visit with a psychotherapist.

7. Change the way you think about it:

Investing in yourself, whatever that looks like for you, is not a whim. It is directly related to your health, your mindset, the quality of your relationships, your productivity and your focus.

Remember that you know better than anyone what you need at any given moment: daily self-care is up to you! Your wellbeing is not only your responsibility, but also your right.

Think of that daily moment of care as a necessary requirement for being healthy (like brushing your teeth or getting 7-8 hours of sleep), and if you feel you don’t have the time, make it.

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