How to create a sacred space at home

A sacred space is a place defined by you to do yoga (asana), meditate and tune into yourself.
Having a special spot in your home reserved just for this purpose will help you cultivate your practice and maintain it over time.
In addition, if you show up regularly time and time again, the space will become energetically charged with positive vibrations.
It will become the ideal setting for reconnecting with yourself, especially if defining spaces and times for self-care seems like an almost impossible task for you. Here a few suggestions to create your own sacred space.

Having a sacred space will help you cultivate your practice

How to create your own sacred space

  • Choose a place in your home that brings you peace, where you feel safe, welcomed and at ease. It is not necessary to designate an entire room or cover a lot of space, a small corner will suffice.
  • Pick a small bench, a short pedestal, the inside of a closet or a shelf to place incense sticks, candles and singing bowls and display your crystals. Think of those things that inspire you to continue your practice.
  • You can decorate it with images and objects that connect you to a higher power (nature, God, a higher consciousness, the Universe) or to the divine within you. Images are triggers for sensations and feelings. Choose the ones that you like the most and evoke positive emotions, transmit calm and serenity. If you associate the space with a sense of well-being, you will want to return to that state.
  • Place the yoga mat, blocks and other accessories in a harmonious but practical way, so that you can easily grab them when you need them. If you store them in a closet, out of sight, you are more likely to forget or postpone your practice.
  • Use this personal sanctuary to perform your sequence of postures, meditate, repeat mantras, pray or simply as a refuge, to sit quietly and breathe deeply.
  • If possible, define a time of the day and dedicate at least 5 minutes to it, make it a habit and observe the changes within yourself and in your life.

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