“Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth” by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

Some time ago in the context of my Prenatal Yoga teacher training at @birthlight_zurich, I finished reading “Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth” (2017) by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli @umadinsmoretuli, and I loved it! 😍

The book has a practical approach to yoga for pregnancy and birth. The first pages and the introduction cover basic principles of the yoga philosophy, and how to use the book and the audio tracks that can be downloaded from an app.

The different sections are organized according to the 5 koshas or sheaths of existence.
The entire book is filled with detailed instructions of the yoga poses and specific breathing techniques adapted to the needs of the pregnant woman (mentioning benefits and contraindications) complemented by beautiful minimalistic illustrations, which makes it very easy to follow.

Many of the chapters begin with a hand mudra or gesture, how to do it and its benefits. It includes several case studies as examples, breath, sound (Nada yoga) and meditation practices (including Yoga Nidra) that help coping with changing moods, promote inner calm and lead to access the intuitive wisdom. It also includes preparation for birth, breathing techniques for the different stages of labour, how to manage pain during labour, and post-natal yoga for recovery.

It doesn’t go extremely deep into each subject (just enough) and the absence of obscure language makes it easy to understand even for someone who has no previous yoga experience.
It is very much in line with the Birthlight approach to yoga for pregnancy and birth – which I love!
Great for pregnant women new to yoga, beginners and prenatal yoga trainees. I highly recommend it!

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