“Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses” by Alexandra DeSiato and Sage Rountree

Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

I just finished this amazing book by yoga instructors Alexandra DeSiato @alexandradesiato and Sage Rountree @sagerountree.
With a practical approach, it offers 54 different themes to weave meaning into a yoga class with matching quotes, songs, poems, and phrases.
Although it is a short book it took me several weeks to finish it as it contains lots of rich, interesting inputs.
This is great read for new and experienced yoga teachers.
I really like the idea of a theme that lies underneath a particular sequence, a common thread that creates unity and confers the class a deeper meaning. I personally find fitness-like yoga sessions a bit disappointing (even shallow 😕), and I often find myself wondering at the end of the class, “is that all?”.

I don’t think it is necessary for the teacher to announce the theme explicitly at the beginning of the class, but the idea of a specific intention behind a group or asanas (other than making people sweat on the mat) not only adds depth to the practice but it is definitely more in line with the Yoga philosophy.
DeSiato and Rountree also encourage the readers to find their own voice and create and explore their own themes through a systematic process. The book includes templates to seek and find inspiration and deepen ideas that resonate with the students, so they can have something else to work with on the mat during the class and to take with them and process as they go on with their everyday’s life.
Absolutely worth having it and using it!

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