“Teaching Yoga” by Donna Farhi

Teaching Yoga by Donna Farhi

In January I finished reading Donna Farhi’s book “Teaching Yoga”. Unlike Mark Stephens’ book with a similar title (which I commented on an IG post), this one looks exclusively into the teacher-student relationship.
Throughout this short book she presents and analyzes possible conflicting situations that may arise in the context of teaching yoga and what would be the most ethical way to respond.
This book led me to question how I would personally react to a series of circumstances that I had not thought of before.
Farhi discusses issues such as remuneration (often referred to as “unspiritual”), setting clear limits, sexual harassment, appropriate clothing for practicing yoga, and the lack of established professional standards in the yoga community, among other important subjects.
I recommend its reading to yoga teachers or future teachers and yoga practitioners, lots of things to reflect on!

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